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Produs destinat exclusiv firmelor sau institutiilor ce doresc imbunatatirea unor procese de comunicare/ scaderea unor costuri de procesare date ce scapa sistemelor ERP si CRM actuale. Consultanta si demonstratii live gratuite la sediul dvs. - cereti detalii. Comanda minima este de 5 buc. Echo si/sau LS 3

Perfect Brain


Perfect Brain

Incearca-l si daca iti place, cumpara-l !
The ultimate tool for improving your mental capacity, PerfectBrain is both fun and easy to use. It provides a complex solution designed to help facilitate speed reading, memory improvement, attention to detail and development of logical thinking and mathematical abilities. It provides more than 100 exercises to help you develop your mind, and they are presented in a game-type format both for enjoyment and effectiveness. In addition to providing a multiple-level system of training, Perfect Brain also provides a smart system for collecting statistics and analyzing your progress. This useful feedback is presented in the form of various graphs and tables to help motivate you and keep you updated on your performance. Your greatest achievements can also be published on the website, allowing you to compare your results with other users of the program. This feature also allows you to keep your data safe by way of cloud storage. You will see your first results after only couple days of intensive trainings!


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